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At the back, take the needle through the loop of thread which will be there and pull tight. This can get messy so have tissues handy, and try not to get glue elsewhere on the fabric. You don’t have to do this step but I think it helps neaten up the sections of the sofa. Also cut off the excess fabric on the side where the fabric edges meet.

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Most the time she’s fine, but sometimes you come home and your brand new sectional has been destroyed. Yes, she is crate trained, but since 99% of the time she’s fine, we don’t usually leave her in the crate when we go to work. I borrowed one from her (pictured a few photos up), and spent about 20 minutes slowly working my way over the surface of the couch. It was a total breeze, and as you can see from the pill-filled shaver below, it worked like a charm! The sofa feels much softer and smoother now, and it took less than half an hour to fix what could have been a pretty big issue.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Sofa at Home

Basically, you want the original fabric color to be able to be darkened/enriched. Ruining the sofa ended up being the best thing to happen to that sofa because that’s how this tutorial was created. I recommend doing a spot test on the underside of a cushion (preferably) or the lower corners on the backside of a piece where it won’t be as obvious. The dimensions will also help you know if you can fit it into your vehicle or if you need to bribe a friend or family member with a truck. You can also rent a truck for a couple hours from places like Home Depot or Uhaul. I usually scope out on Tuesday or Wednesday to see what the estate sales in my area will have that weekend.

The Upholstery

I wrote a post about how I painted the sofa frame and it gives you more information about the steps I took to get to that point. Determining how many throw pillows on a couch is enough may be easier than you think.

Additionally, Munger recommends taking a look at pilling and colorfast ratings. Both pilling and colorfast ratings can contribute to the longevity of the sofa, as sofa’s that are low in both often look worn more quickly. Another test Carroll recommends is to see if you can pick it up by one of its legs. “A sofa that feels flimsy when you pick it up by one of the legs is a bad choice,” she said. I spent a full day going through West Elm’s various options. Mostly because I especially appreciated West Elm’s “soft to firm” rating that they put on each couch.

This sofa is obviously a show-stopper but that didn’t stop her from bringing in even more excitement with her pillow styling. Ahh this sofa is like the effortless cool girl who can pull off anything. There are tons of styling options that would make sense here because of its classic shape and black finish. Brady’s living room is cool, eclectic, and neutral which he so effortlessly exhibits in his sofa styling. The legs of the couch should be either integral parts of the frame or held on with screws or dowels. Consider how you will use it, the space it will be in, and the style of the room. This comprehensive guide can help you tell apart good quality from shoddy construction and all the bells and whistles to consider before purchasing.

My two favorites were both rated a 1 (so, softest in the land). I set off in search of the perfect couch with a budget of $1,000. To be clear, I had been casually couch shopping for months. My shopping ramped up in May, as I started to narrow down where I was going to live in Washington, D.C. (perhaps housing in Washington, D.C. will be another post, since that was certainly a whole adventure on its own). As for the barf and bathroom stains, we always use nature’s miracle and it works really well.

Read more about flexform citterio here.

Step 10: Remove Excess Batting…and Add More

A sofa that gets frequent use, for example, will not last more than eight years if it is of average quality. Leather is another good choice in that it wipes clean easily and doesn’t retain odors; what’s more, most people like the patina it gains with use and time. (See our guide to leather here.) If your pets frequent the couch, avoid nubby or looped fabrics like bouclé, which their claws can easily pull. People come in different sizes and shapes so we need to consider that to some degree.

Velvet isn’t a fabric type (synthetic, cotton, silk, etc.), but rather a fabric weave. This means you can have silk velvet, cotton velvet, or synthetic fibres too. This somewhat delicate fabric is manufactured in a unique way to create the short, dense pile it’s known for. My Meredith Sofa and Manhattan Dining Chairs from The Brick are synthetic, and I think this makes them easier to care for than a natural fibre would be.

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